The Haunted Barn

Chattanooga's Best Haunted Attraction for 23 years

How we got started

 Just a short summary of how is all started. We have had so many folks wanting to know.

23 years ago We used to have our Family and Friends come over every fall and have a Hay Ride, Hot Dog Roast and Chili Supper, and of course we had horses, wagons, and the Barn, One year my sister-in-law suggested we turn the barn into a haunted house, so we did, we only had 5 stalls at the time, (used for rooms)

 we had so much fun doing it that the next year we did it again, by the third year we built stairs to the hay loft and turned it into more rooms.

By the fourth year, we decided to open it up to the public, by this time all the horses were gone and our focus was building the barn into a Haunted house.  Well, we were hooked from there on. Now we are in our 19th year. WOW.

The Haunted Barn now has 16 rooms, a huge maze. With not much more room for expanding, but we managed to do so this year, with a little help from Jamie.

 The Haunted Barn is put together every year by several family members, Good Friends and with God's help we just keep getting better each year. We have never and never will add anything demonic to our haunted house, we do not believe that Halloween is Evil; we believe that it is a fun time of the year to dress up, and just have fun!

The Haunted Barn has hosted many Church groups, Birthday Parties & youth groups. So if you have a special event or just want to get a bunch of friends together, give us a call, we offer group discounts to groups of 20 or more.

We just believe in good clean fun, so come on out a see what we are all about, you will not be disappointed.


The Haunted Barn!