The Haunted Barn

Chattanooga's Best Haunted Attraction


Quotes My family and I went to The Haunted Barn on 10/5/2012 and it was so scary! The monsters interacted so well with us and the decorations were great! The people that run the place were so super nice! The costume characters that walked around were very friendly and awesome to look at! EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO! Quotes
Beth Martin
Very scared but extremely pleased!

Quotes My 1st ever haunted house experience was last year at the Haunted Barn, and it was so great! Cant wait to go again this weekendddddddddd! Quotes

Quotes I LOVE THE HAUNTED BARN! Each year its gets soo much better! Its a family oriented haunted house, yet the scariest one around! I recommend it to all my friends! Quotes

Quotes You guys are AWESOME!!!! Best Haunted House I have been to!!! My husband has never really got scared at any of the one s we have went too...with one exception HAUNTED BARN!!! Got my 13yr old as well which is hard to do also...Scared the holy crap out of me an my 10yr old we have never been so scared:) Loved every minute we were there!! Quotes
Very satisfied customer

Quotes My family LOVES the Haunted Barn! Its definitely the BESTT around by far! Very family oriented yet scary and fun! A MUST :) Would never miss a year Quotes

Quotes The haunted barn is the best! We have went for the last four years in a row and they always out do theirselves. Thanks for all you do !!!! Quotes

Quotes LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Haunted Barn!! Quotes

Quotes This place ROCKS Quotes

Quotes Went to the barn a few years ago and loved it! I want to get a group of friends together and come this year! Went to The Haunted Hilltop last year and was disappointed. Quotes
Love it!

Quotes love the haunted barn! u guys r awesome ! Quotes
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