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About Us

We are proud to be celebrating our 29th year as one of the most visited and longest running scare attractions in the East Tennessee area.

Our goal is to make sure each and every one of our guests leave satisfied.

Whether you dance with our monsters to your favorite songs or just sit around our cozy bonfire, while you wait to go inside, we want you to enjoy every moment you spend with us. Enjoy some of your favorites from our concession stand while you wait to enter our 16 room, self guided tour of The Haunted Barn.

Finish your tour with a maze where unknown surprises await. if you are wanting animatronics, then you night want to go else where, we don't use them because they are a one time scare, and most people never see them in action, we use live actors to do the scare. you never know when or where they may pop out.


We are open every Friday and Saturday night starting Friday, September 30th -

Tickets ($23.00 per person) go on sale at 7 pm, and the last tickets are sold at midnight. we do stay open until the last person has gone thru.

We look forward to scaring you this Halloween season!

We have a Graveyard to view and read all the funny Epitaphs, you can't go in the grave yard, because if you do, you might not come out! we keep trespassers!


We also offer concessions for your pleasure!

The world greatest Funnel Cake company provides our funnel cake mix. and they are soooo good. be sure and get one while your here.

• Fresh Hot Dogs.
• Fresh Hot Popcorn
• French Fries
• Nacho and Cheese
• Corn Dogs
• Fried Oreo's
• Fried Pickles
• Pizza
• Fried Pretzels
• Hot Chocolate
• Fresh Brewed Coffee
• Cappuccino
• Hot Apple Cider
• Assorted Sodas
• Cotton Candy
• Assorted Candy
• Assorted Chips 

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