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FAQ 1: How Much does it cost?

$20 bucks.

FAQ 2: Is it scary?

Only a person who is really scared will ask this question. Just ask the folks who have lost bladder control while visiting us - there's a reason we keep a mop handy! In reality, we are not going to scare the crap out of every person. We've done our best to make The Haunted Barn the premier haunt in Chattanooga. Yes, we've checked them out and many others across the country... we're the one you want to see and see again. Bottom line is, if you were entertained we've done our job.

Suggestion... if you are the one person in your group that everyone wants to go first because they know you don't scare easy, push them out front and follow. You'll get an even bigger kick out of watching your friend freak out!

FAQ 3: Can the monsters (actors) touch me?

The theory is that if you don't touch them, they won't grab you. Bear in mind that this is a work in progress and doesn't always go according to plan! Of course, in the darker areas, something may accidentally bump into you but our cast members will probably not grab you. You may be grabbed by one of the members of your own group who is too terrified to continue without your help.

FAQ 4: What if I touch an actor?

First off, you are not allowed to touch any props or actors. However, our actors are trained to understand the difference between an accidental touch and an intentional touch.

For example, if you're feeling your way through the dark and your hand touches an actor, this is an accident. The actor knows this, and he knows he is taking this risk. However, if you come to The Haunted Barn with the intent to prove what a bad-azz you are, by punching actors or destroying scenery or both, you will go to jail. If you were wondering if the actors would touch's a time when they will definitely touch you. Then, this security guard will touch you, and this security guard will touch you, and this security guard will touch you....etc. Until finally you end up in the hands of a Hamilton County police officer.

FAQ 5: Do you know where the bathroom is?

Yes we do. mean you have to pee! Good idea, wetting your pants in front of your friends IS embarrassing isn't it?

Suggestion... don't drink a lot or at least go to the bathroom BEFORE you get in line. 'Depends' brand diapers could also be a good investment for the night!

FAQ 6: Can I bring my kids?

You can bring all of the kids you want, but remember that we provide an EXTREMELY frightening adventure that may not be suited for those of an impressionable age. And if any kids (or adults) in your group are too timid for it, they can wait for you by the Bonfire, Therapy for kids after visiting The Haunted Barn is NOT included in the price of admission!

FAQ 7: Is there a "Good Fairy" to accompany the wimps?

Nope. If you are too afraid to continue, someone will have to carry you out. No refunds either if that is your next question, thank you for the donation.

FAQ 8: Is photography allowed?

Heck no! Monsters don't like their picture taken... have you ever seen a Big Foot picture that wasn't on a bad hair day? Actually the main reason is for the safety of you and our actors. The flash or strobe will temporarily blind our actors and could cause accidents. Also pausing to take pictures slows down the line behind you. Photos outside with the actors and our monsters can be taken and we have a wonderful lady from Rhys Photography that will take your picture for you..

FAQ 9: How long does it take to go through?

It varies. Some people run through as fast as they can while others stroll through like they are in the line at the DMV. On average we gauge it at 20 to 35 Minutes.

FAQ 10: How long is the wait ?

On the nights leading up to Halloween, expect a wait of 1 hour or more...and like 3 hours the closer it gets to Halloween. Now hold on! It ain't that bad, You don't have to wait in a line you can sit by Our Bonfire and take a stroll out by the grave yard Dance with our Giant Monsters. listen to some of your favorite music (We had a DJ) while you wait your turn. Otherwise, come early on busy nights or visit us early in the month when the lines are short and our actors are hungry for you.

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